Maria Holland

Smoked Sichuan Duck

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2015 at 10:34 am

After a day of working on Abaqus simulations, I took off around 5 to meet the other Beijingers at the subway station.  From there we headed to Olympic Park, to a restaurant called 湄洲东坡 for dinner.   An EAPSI alum from 2004 (the first EAPSI in China!) who is still working in China, treated us to dinner.  The food was great, honestly probably the best meal I’ve had in Beijing.  The sweet and sour fish was ridiculous and delicious, the smoked Sichuan duck might even beat Beijing duck for me, and the eggplant was on point.  

We also got a chance to talk about our EAPSI experience and the upcoming Young Scientists Forum after the closing ceremony next Friday.  It seems a little bit ridiculous – 5 minute talks, followed by 1-minute summaries of the talks – but, thus is China sometimes.

I got home around 8:30 and spent the evening planning out my remaining week.  We still have no internet at the hotel (apparently someone “borrowed” the router yesterday, with no indication of when we’ll get it back) so I had to do this all on my phone.  But, I found a place near the train station to have lunch on Sunday (treating the friends who treated me the first few weeks) so I can get my train tickets afterwards.  And found a couple potential places to take my labmates on Monday or Tuesday.  I also sorted out the gifts I brought.  How does 2 pounds of chocolate, 8 shirts, and 3 bottles of wine suddenly seem insufficient?  

Today I learned: On 点评, the Chinese equivalent of Yelp, Burger King has 5 stars.  

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