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The Service in China is Great, Said No One Ever

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2015 at 10:45 am

Today I had to deal with a new obstacle in my path at work.  Literally.  They’re doing construction on the northeast gate, which is the one I use, and they’re building a brick wall in front of it.  Today I managed to get through, but I might have to plot a new route.

IMG 2369

Cheng had promised to take me to get really good 地三鲜, one of my favorite dishes, and we finally went today.  It was the third floor of a different cafeteria and featured actual sit-down service.  Well, at least the sit-down part.  We waited about an hour for our food.  You know the service is bad when even your Chinese friends are frustrated.  The waiters were straight-up ignoring us!  Once Cheng managed to get a hold of one of them, she asked if fried egg and tomato was really that hard to make.  I’m pretty sure he snapped at her; it was not very enjoyable.  The food was okay, but not worth the wait.  

When we got back to the office, my first Amazon package was there!  I went up to the guard and said, I have a package!  He wordlessly grabbed something off the shelf and gave it to me.  Haha.  They had no way of knowing my name but I’m probably one of two foreign women in the building and the other definitely can’t use Amazon, so it was pretty easy guess.  

When it came time for dinner, my usual dinner buddies GuoYang and Zhao Yan were doing experiments, so Guo Yang (#2) came for me.  I’m pretty sure a week ago no one would have had dinner with me, but he’s gotten really into my English lessons.  He’s mastered “go home you’re drunk” and “you had one job” but he had questions about “nice try”.  I showed him the xkcd comic that brought it all about, and then another one.  


We had to talk through both of them, but eventually he realized they were funny.  We also did “said no one ever”; at first I had a hard time thinking of examples, but then I came up with a good one.  We all like math, I said, so we might say “Math is so fun!”, but then other people probably disagree, so then they would say “. . . said no one ever.”

I stayed until almost 9 again tonight.  I would be sadder about working so late if there were anything to miss about the daytime.  It’s actually nicer once the sun goes down – the gray is less noticeable.  Today was a particularly ugly day; it’s been threatening rain (but rarely following through) for over a week so the sky has been gray forever, but today was a different kind of gray.  The kind of gray that makes me clean my glasses, only to realize the reason I can’t see clearly is not dirty lenses.  

Also today my VPN kept routing me through Saudi Arabia.  Not exactly a bastion of freedom, is it?  

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