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In Uncategorized on June 22, 2015 at 10:51 am

Stomach uncertainty continued today.  I slept a lot, then read a lot of news.  Drank a lot of water and yogurt.  It’s not getting worse, but also not really getting better?  Just solidly a notch below ‘meh’, with occasional exciting moments of ‘uh-oh’.  After all of our talk on Friday about the vomit on the streets (one guy texted me a picture of two more piles today), whenever my stomach gives me the slightest discontent, I am gripped by a fear of vomiting on the street and ruining my pristine record.  Thankfully, no vomiting anywhere yet.  (Sorry if this is TMI, but living in China with foreigners tends to lead to many digestion-based discussions.  I once shared two bathrooms with 16 people for a summer; many taboos were overcome.)

I went in to work at 1.  Late, I know, but today is technically a holiday even if I’m not convinced my labmates know the meaning of the word.  Also, stomach.  At any rate, there were a few guys there when I got in, and they asked me if I knew it was a holiday.  “Yes,” I said, “but you’re all here . . .”.  And they called me hardworking!  The only time I’ve gotten called hardworking for showing up at 1.  

One of my labmates had told me he was going to reinstall the operating system on the computer I’m using on Saturday, so I went in today hoping it was done.  (As a reminder, this computer is hobbled both by the owner’s forgetting the administrator password, and by the faulty setup of Fortran.  Basically useless to me as it was.)  It was not done; in fact we appeared to have regressed, not only from Windows 8 to Windows 7, which I’m sure was intentional, but also from a mostly functioning computer that just wasn’t able to do the precise technical tasks I came to do, to a computer that could no longer connect to the internet.

I hung around for a few hours, while no further progress was made.  Tomorrow the “computer company” is coming to look at it.  

Before I left, I downloaded a few TV episodes.  Might as well not let that 2 GB go to waste, right??

I hadn’t eaten since dinner last night, except for yogurt, but wasn’t that hungry until dinner anyway.  We went with the hotel restaurant again – a safe and convenient choice – and I introduced a few EAPSI people to some of my favorite dishes: shredded potato, muxu pork, and 地三鲜 (eggplant, potato, and green peppers).  We lingered over dinner to talk, mostly about Chinese.  I’m the only one who had studied it before, so I ended up trying to explain some features of pinyin that I had found confusing when I first studied Chinese, like the fact that and qu rhyme but that qu and chu don’t.  I can’t get over how brave these people are for coming to China without knowing the language, although rationally I realize I did the same thing . . . like, 3 times.  

  1. Darn, you are never going to be able to get started on your work!

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