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In Uncategorized on June 8, 2015 at 7:46 am

I made it to China!

After a long but relatively uneventful trip from [Las Vegas, through] San Francisco, I met up with a few other EAPSI students in Seattle.  Then there was a long but relatively uneventful flight to Beijing, and we were picked up at the airport by a representative of CSTEC, the Chinese Science and Technology Exchange Center, and brought to the Chinese University of Mining and Technology, where we will be staying.

In the lobby of the hotel (International Cultural Exchange Center at CUMT), we got a packet of information and an envelope of 100-kuai bills – 5,600元, our living stipend of about $100/week during the 8-week program.  Then I got my room key and went up to my new home.  I had seen one picture, but honestly it’s nicer than the picture showed.  The furniture is very clean and perhaps even new (my drawers make the whole room reek of brand-new plastic when I open them).  Yes, I wish there was an actual divider between the shower and the rest of the bathroom instead of a half-inch ridge, and why is the toilet a good 6 inches away from the wall?  It would also be nice to have a desk, instead of a bench in front of the bureau, and a few more outlets, but it’ll do.



I immediately set about unpacking.  Well, I think first I got on the internet.  We only have wired internet in the rooms, and I couldn’t find my ethernet-to-thunderbolt adapter, so I grabbed my Time Capsule and plugged it in.  I was online within seconds.  What a pleasant surprise compared to the morass of registration at Stanford!  It worked like a charm, so I am very very happy that I decided to bring it – a 2TB backup plus wireless router!  I was able to show Mom my room on Skype and tell everyone on WeChat and Whatsapp that I made it.

Then I dumped everything out of bags, sorted it into piles (look at all these gifts!),


and made some semblance of a home before hopping in the shower.  I made it to bed just before midnight.

  1. love the text, but the pic’s are not coming through for me in the email or on the web. thanks for sharing,


  2. Ah, thanks for letting me know – I have to upload the pictures individually, apparently! They should work now.

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