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If You Love Computers, This Novel Should Be on Your Must-Read List

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2015 at 2:24 pm

So I was just clicking through my RSS feeds on feedly the other day when I saw the headline:

If You Love Computers, This Novel Should Be on Your Must-Read List

I like books.  I like computers.  So I clicked.  And guess which novel the article was about???

Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel The Three Body Problem was a smash hit bestseller in China, and has finally been translated into English by Ken Liu.

NO WAY!!  This is the book I’ve chosen to read this year (in the original Chinese).  Granted, I first heard about it from a NYT review, so it’s not like I can claim any hipster cred for the discovery, but it still seems like an incredible coincidence.

Also, when we had friends over for Chinese New Year yesterday,

Carl  2015 02 21 14 30 31

my old roommate was excited to hear that I was reading 三体 because it’s her favorite book!  I definitely chose well.

I couldn’t finish reading the entire Gizmodo article because I could tell it contained spoilers – let me just say that the event they claim the novel “opens with” has not happened yet, and I’m on page 55 out of 300.  But, I am sharing the link in case it inspires others to read it (probably in English).  Just don’t try to talk to me about it until December!!

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