Maria Holland

The ‘Real’ Interview

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2014 at 8:16 pm

One thing I learned from living abroad is the benefit of reading international news sources.  Sometimes they offer different information, or a different perspective on the same information.

Sometimes they offer a laugh.

When I lived on the farm in Jilin, close to the North Korean border, we used to get paper copies of the Pyongyang Times some weeks.  We’d page through, laughing at the hyperbolic language and looking for sections of the paper that were copies of last week’s edition.  Since then, I occasionally look at the Korean Central News Agency, their state news agency, mainly around significant events, like the death of Kim Jong Il.

I guess it was a little unrealistic, hoping to read something about Sony or The Interview.  But never fear, the KCNA is always good for a laugh.  Some highlights from the last few days:

Since we don’t get to see the movie, we have to get our comedy somewhere . . .


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