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Kim Jong Il Walked Uphill Both Ways

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Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Fighters Mourn Demise of Kim Jong Il

Anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters . . . observed a moment’s silence in memory of Kim Jong Il, great and kind-hearted man who lies in state.

They broke into tears, thinking he might just get up, greet them with a broad smile on his face and ask about their health in a resounding voice as he used to.

Aside from the excerpt above, there is a change in the tenor of today’s coverage – moving on from “bitterest grief” and “chocking voices” to “determination to carry out at any cost” and “resolve to contribute”. 

Korean Youths Display Noble Trait for Their Leader

Youths and students of the DPRK have expressed with pure mind their unbounded reverence . . . [and] have unanimously proposed to erect the statue of Kim Jong Il, the benevolent father, with serious repentance of their failure to do so as well as bitter grief at his demise.

Meanwhile, many youths and children are vying with each other to show their unsparing sincerity. . .

Young employees at a machine factory in Jagang Province formed a shock brigade with their determination to carry out at any cost the project, entrusted to them by Kim Jong Il, and went to the construction site on Dec. 21 after taking an oath with bitter tears at the mourning place.

An increasing number of young people are volunteering to join the shock brigade with their resolve to contribute to completing the construction of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station ahead of schedule. . .

Tens of young coal miners at the Anju Area Coal Complex formed a shock brigade and raised the speed of tunneling per day four times the previous one with guilty conscience that they failed to allay the pains taken by Kim Jong Il to solve the problem of coal production.

200 odd youths at the Chonnaeri Cement Plant have waged the production drive without shift since the day when the sad news of his demise was reported. They are now raising the daily production results 1.5 times the previous ones.

In the meantime the youths of the Pobdong County Garment Factory are carrying out their daily assignment 250 per cent.

And really, it’s no wonder that they’re moved so much by his death, when they believe that he personally and singlehandedly was responsible for the delivery of the fish that they eat.  If we gave credit for every bite we ate to the current president, no one would ever defeat an incumbent. 

Fresh Fish Supplied to Pyongyang Citizens

While the whole country is seized with grief at the demise of leader Kim Jong Il, Pyongyang citizens are now struck with another story about his loving care for them. . .

Leader Kim Jong Il, who had always been concerned for fish supply to Pyongyang citizens, took a measure for fish supply on the evening of December 16, a day before his demise.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who has been overcome with the deepest grief at his demise, took all necessary measures to truck fresh fish to the capital city in time and supply the fish to the citizens even in the mourning period.

Song Hye Yong, a 42-year-old woman living in Pothonggang District, said with a bag full of fish in her hand, "Leader Kim Jong Il is always with us as we have respected Comrade Kim Jong Un identical to him."

Kim Jong Hwa, a saleswoman of the Oesong Grocer’s Shop in Central District, said she was much touched by leader Kim Jong Il’s deep care for the supply of fish to people.

Also, it might just be me, but I feel like the temperature on the day of his death is getting colder . . . in hindsight.  Also, he was walking uphill both ways as he died. 

Young Koreans Vow to Carry Forward Revolution

Ju Jin A, an official of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, told KCNA:

"Today I heard that leader Kim Jong Il spent his last days in the severest cold weather in decades. The fact that he devotedly worked for the happiness of our people, though he was out of condition, makes me feel my heart rent. But I will get over my grief and turn out in implementing his behests."


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