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The Land and Sky Seem to Bitterly Cry

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The theme for today’s coverage seems to be “hyperbole”.  As if previous articles weren’t unbelievably inflated enough . . .

We Will Wait for Kim Jong Il Forever: Pyongyang Citizens

The portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il set up at Thongil Street in Pyongyang is being crowded with a lot of mourners day and night.  The servicepersons and people who visit the portrait late at nights and early in the mornings are shedding tears picturing leader Kim Jong Il who used to set out on trips for field guidance at dawns getting wet with dew.

The employees of the Hana Music Information Center, who were smiling in happiness being honored with the visit by him just a few days ago, are lamenting in great sorrow. . . Pak Jong Nam, 69, vice-director of the Center, said: “We always dreamed of meeting the great leader. When he actually came, we were overjoyed to see him, not knowing he was in such a bad health condition. There would be no bigger sin than this.  That day he said he would send us all the music pieces he collected for decades, telling us to let the people enjoy and use them.  From that day on we have waited for the word from him. We can not believe that he actually passed away.  We will wait for the General forever.”

Kim Yong Suk, 48, woman resident in Raknang District, said if she could give any more sincerity to the benevolent and great father now, she would willingly turn into a rock in funeral dress for hundred, nay thousand days.

Even Land and Sky Seem to Grieve Demise of Kim Jong Il

The plaza of the Party Founding Memorial Tower facing the statue of President Kim Il Sung standing on Mansu Hill is also crowded with people overwhelmed with profound grief over the loss of the father of the nation.  The mourners are weeping bitterly, calling leader Kim Jong Il in chocking voices.  Looking up to the portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il and then the statue of President Kim Il Sung, they are stamping their feet in bitter grief over the leader’s demise.  Chocked with lamentation for three days, not a few people only wept bitterly, unable to say any words.

Kim Jong Il was leading the final offensive this year for the improvement of the standard of people’s living, full of energy.  He would feel very pleased when watching increased wealth for the people. But who can imagine he breathed his last on the running train on his way of field guidance to bring happiness to them. Can anyone believe this was a reality? How lamentable it is! Isn’t it possible for the hearts of all Koreans to bring him back to life? 

All the people have revered Kim Jong Il as their father, entrusting all their destinies and soul to him.  He was, indeed, the sun of the Korean nation and dearer to them than their own lives.  But for this sun, they could not have come close to the eminence of a thriving nation, weathering unprecedented trials and difficulties for 17 years since the demise of President Kim Il Sung.  But for this mainstay, they could have hardly got over difficulties and lived and struggled full of confidence of future, faith and optimism.

The lamentation of all the servicepersons and people calling him in bitter grief can be heard across the country.  The land and sky of the country seem to bitterly cry.

Kim Il Sung Square Turns into Veritable Sea of Mourners

They wept bitterly, missing Kim Jong Il very much as he passed away in ordinary jumper while dedicating himself to the happiness of the people.  He was the father of the nation as he tirelessly visited every nook and corner of the country with exceptional energy.

The servicepersons and the people were confident they would never experience any more misfortune as the greatest loss of President Kim Il Sung. But they suffered such loss in the last days of the year. This was something unimaginable.

The clock seemed to stop running and the earth seemed to cease turning round the sun. They broke into the bitterest grief as it was entirely unbelievable.

Ri Chun Hui, 52, resident in Central District of Pyongyang, said in a chocking voice that she felt as if her heart would break as he thought Kim Jong Il breathed his last not in his office or residence but on a running train on his way of field guidance.

Kim Song Hui, 23, soldier of the Korean People’s Army, said, with tears in her eyes: "Whenever I watched smiling Kim Jong Il over TV, I thought he was in good health. I never imagined he was combating a serious illness caused by the pent-up fatigue. I feel extremely regretful for failing to fulfill my filial duty."

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