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My Brain is Turning to Mush

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2011 at 12:52 pm

But the KCNA is still writing, so I will still read.  But please, guys, could you get a thesaurus?  You’re getting a little bit repetitive with certain phrases, namely:

  • chocking voices
  • bitterest grief
  • like a bolt from the blue
  • sharing weal and woe
  • forced march for field guidance
  • peerlessly great man
  • General Kim Jong Un, who is identical to Kim Jong Il

Also, please learn how to spell ‘choking’.

But, vocabulary aside, they’re coming up with some really compelling stories.  Take a look at this – you have never seen a more emotional write-up on the weather. 

Unforgettable Last Days of Kim Jong Il’s Life

The weather data on the last days of leader Kim Jong Il’s revolutionary activities are moving the hearts of all the Korean people.

It was December 16 when the leader set out on the continuous forced march after giving field guidance to the Hana Music Information Center and the Kwangbok Area Supermarket.

That day the weather was very cold with fishtail and strong wind. The strength of wind was 5-8 meter per second in most regions of the country, up to 16 meter at maximum in some areas of its northern inland.

The temperature at noon was 6-9 degrees centigrade lower than the average, registering the lowest since 1985.

Meanwhile in East and West Seas the wind blew 10-15 meter per second, causing the waves to rise up to 2-3 meters.

In the morning of Dec. 17 when he was on the train to make a journey of field guidance for the people the temperature was 4-7 degrees centigrade lower than the average, scoring the lowest this winter.

Those weather data make one more keenly feel the painful labors of Kim Jong Il who continued in common attire his journey of field guidance with patriotic devotion despite the biting cold weather.

Bad days, snowy or rainy, were more frequent than fine and clear days in the course of his long journey for field guidance, weather experts said, stressing that the spring of prosperity under socialism will surely come to the country thanks to the patriotic devotion of Kim Jong Il who blocked the howling wind of history till the last moments of his life.

  1. Better mush than rice balls, which was the Great Leader’s last meal…

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