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Kim Jong Il, Great Father of People

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“Always with the political idea that genuine love for human being is like fertile soil for bringing the flower of human independence into full bloom, he made endless journey of field guidance, finding his pride and joy in the devoted service for the people.”

The KCNA is still going strong with updates on the wailing of the Korean people, which is “rocking heaven and earth”, so I would like to again offer this compilation of the best quotes from Day 2 of the coverage of Kim Jong Il’s death:

People of DPRK Mourn
over Demise of Their Leader

The mourners writhed in the bitter grief at the fact that Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the people and tender-hearted father, passed away so suddenly and early to their deep regret.

They remained long at the mourning places, lamenting with the pricks of the failure to provide the leader even a moment’s rest and with sorrow at his demise.

Former Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Fighter Laments Demise of Kim Jong Il

Former anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Hwang Sun Hui who came to Mansu Hill on a wheelchair grieved over the leader’s demise, her knees on stone steps. She said: "The news was so unbelievable that I felt as if the sky were falling down.

"I feel my heart would break. The general passed away all of a sudden not in his office or residence but on a running train about which our people talked in tears, on his way of forced march for field guidance to meet soldiers and people.

"I wish I rushed to him and weeped bitterly. I want to stand before your statue, calling you in a chocking voice, but you did not allow us to erect your statue. You never allowed any monument to your exploits to be erected.

Employees of Kwangbok Supermarket Grieve over Demise of Kim Jong Il

All Koreans are lamenting over the unexpected demise of leader Kim Jong Il, the great loss to the nation.

Among them are officials and employees of the Kwangbok Area Supermarket recently visited by Kim Jong Il.

They are throwing themselves into each other’s arms and wailing over his death, saying it was just a few days ago when they saw him full of bean.

When Kim Jong Il said he was somewhat relieved to see the modern supermarket, they clung to his sleeves in happiness, they said.

We knew that he thought only of people but were not aware of how his health condition had been. How can we be called his soldiers and disciples, they lamented.

They said that they could hardly keep back their bitter sorrow, saying it is unbearable for them to think about sufferings he had to undergo, giving the field guidance till the last moments of his life for the happiness of his beloved people.

Kim Kyong Suk, 39, who had the honor of being received by Kim Jong Il said, "I hardly imagined he would visit our shop in a cold weather. When he actually came to my counter, I was so happy and made a bow to him. But finding his haggard face, I could hardly hold back tears."

Song Su Ryon, 24, a saleswoman of the supermarket, said "I can not believe that he really passed away. I wish that time would turn back so that he can come back to us."

Korean People’s Wailing Voices
Rock Heaven and Earth

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) — People’s wailing voices are rocking heaven and earth in the DPRK after the release of the news that leader Kim Jong Il passed away from sudden illness in the middle of his tour for field guidance.

Employees of the Fun Fair of Kaeson Youth Park are bursting into tears, saying they can never forget fatherly General Kim Jong Il who came to the park several times.

"When the respected General came here on December 4, an unusually cold day, we asked him to come on a nice day, not a day of such an unfavorable weather, saying there are lots of fine days. Kim Jong Il, with a smile on his face, said people should come on a fine day while he may come on such a bad day," they said.

"He passed away leaving behind his promise to come back next spring and watch our art performance. Heaven is so indifferent to us," they added.

A poet who wrote the verses of "The blue sky over my country" went to the square relying him on a stick. He, knocking the ground, cried "I can not see the sky. When you were with us, I could see its blue color but today I can not see it at all."

Former unconverted long-term prisoners went to the Mansudae Art Studio where they threw themselves before the mosaic portraying President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

They lamented the demise of Kim Jong Il, saying he passed away so early even though he brought them, who were passing out as breathing fossil, back to his fold and gave happiness so that the whole world could envy them.

Kim Jong Il’s Life Bright as Snow

Looking back on world history, there were many statesmen who advocated patriotism and dedication. But, no one has ever made such total dedication with a pure and true mind like snow.

It was only Kim Jong Il who made his life shine like snow.

He worked hard day and night, having uncomfortable sleep and taking rice-balls. He was the first to greet dawn like a man in his twenties. Seeing his dedication in tears, the people would ask him to stop making any more journeys along snow-covered roads in cold weather and sitting up all night. Hearing this, he said he considered it as his pleasure and his routine to do so and continued his journeys despite strong wind and snow and spent nights full of enthusiasm.

Who is the last laughter? No one in the world can beat the man ready to die. With such pluck and gut Kim Jong Il made trips to inspect the front and give field guidance to factories and co-op farms, providing a bright prospect for building a thriving nation.

Kim Jong Il’s Preoccupation

He made endless journeys for field guidance to make people happy despite snow or rain, sultry summer and intense cold of midwinter.

During his field guidance to the February 8 Vinalon Complex he touched white vinalon cotton again and again with pleasure and he visited again in autumn the Ryongjon Fruit Farm and personally tasted an apple in the wake of his visit to it in spring.

When visiting a fish farm, he showed loving care as a real father would do, asking in detail how big fish production was this year and where fishes were sent and whether servicepersons and people liked them.

Indeed, the people’s happiness was Kim Jong Il’s preoccupation.

Kim Jong Il’s Wish

Leader Kim Jong Il dedicated himself to the happiness of the people all his life.

He had a noble wish.

It was to bring the greatest happiness and honor to the people even if he had plucked a star from the sky and grown flowers even on a rock.

… Watching a shoal of fishes gathering before him at a fish breeding farm, kind-hearted Kim Jong Il said it would be much better, if all of them found their way to people, instead of coming to him.


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