Maria Holland

Repaying Hospitality

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2011 at 10:34 pm

The last few weeks have been busy (relative to the rest of the summer of extreme uneventfulness).  We received several visitors, including another one from China! 

Denise was a friend of mine at XiaDa.  Thinking back, we met because my Polish friends’ Korean roommate was in her classes and invited her to play Catan with us once.  When I mentioned that we were going to her hometown, Guangzhou, a few weeks later, she arranged for her cousin June to show us around the city (including the restaurant of the infamous blood soup). 


A month or so ago, June found me on facebook, which led to me looking Denise up on 人人 (Chinese facebook).  Turns out she is starting a Masters in Public Policy at the University of Minnesota this fall!  It is a small but very interesting world . . .

She got here on the 18th, and we had her over for dinner a week later.  It was her first time in an American home, eating a typical American meal.  It was good to catch up with her and welcome her to the US!  A chance to repay her family for the kindness they showed us when we visited their hometown!

I met up with her again a few days later on the U of M campus, because (in another example of how small the world is) one of my high school classmates was starting the same program as her and I wanted to introduce them.  I’m excited to see them again over Christmas and share how our first semesters went!

We were also visited by my grandfather and aunt, but I prefer to dwell on happy memories . . . (Just kidding.  Kinda.)

Immediately after they left, I began packing.  I don’t even know how many times I’ve loaded up various cars and driven them across the country, but I’m pretty awesome at it by now.  My new car is like a jigsaw puzzle, with every cubic inch of space utilized perfectly.  I’m fairly proud of myself.

I leave tomorrow, adventuring towards Stanford via Sioux City, Kansas City, Tulsa, Dallas, El Paso, Tempe, and LA! 


Please pray for minimal adventures, or at least only fun ones : )


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