Maria Holland

50 Hours of Chinese Study Prepared Me For This

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2011 at 10:36 pm

I have a Chinese minor!

Yes, I graduated from college nearly four months ago.  Yes, my Chinese studies officially ended over a year ago.  Yes, I actually have taken 50 credit hours of Chinese, which is as much as some liberal arts MAJORS require. 

And yeah, I have no idea what a minor is good for either.

But don’t trivialize this accomplishment!  I am possibly as proud of this addition to my transcript as I am of the fact that I actually KNOW Chinese. 

It’s the principle of the thing, really.  Tulsa tried VERY hard, for some reason, to give me this certification, which just made me want it more.  Remember the ordeal of getting Lester’s residence permit?  If anything, the obstacles seemed like a test of my actual working knowledge of China. 

If I can remember back through the whole year+ ordeal, I talked to a college dean, an associate dean or two, two department chairs, one professor, three academic advisors, and countless secretaries.  Americans can shift blame with the best of the Chinese, apparently.  Emails were disregarded with abandoned, phone numbers presumably lost, useless protocol followed. 

But I persevered, and eventually triumphed!  Honestly, it feels like my entire year in China was just preparation for this. 

So bring on the bureaucratic bullshit, America.  You can’t out-red-tape the Reds. 

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