Maria Holland

The Best Airport in the World!

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2011 at 11:14 pm

If you have to be stuck in an airport for 8 hours, make it the Incheon International Airport.  I’ve done it, and it was wonderful.  To pass the time, Rick and Kim and I:

  • walked to Caribou Coffee and bought drinks and snacks for breakfast

Maria - 0296

  • impersonated Intense Cart Lady

Maria - 0302

  • made art at the Korean Cultural Exhibition

Maria - 0299

  • took a family photo

Maria - 0295

  • made more art at a different Korean Cultural Exhibition

Maria - 0307

  • watched a performance of traditional Korean music

Maria - 0311

  • dressed up in traditional Korean clothing

Maria - 0319

  • reenacted our favorite scenes from the movie Elf

Maria - 0303

  • played Catan

Maria - 0309

  • ate a delicious lunch of bibimbap and bulgogi

But eventually the fun came to an end and we had to get on the plane to go home.

The trans-Pacific flight was only 10 hours, which was ridiculously short when compared to 13 hours.  (On the flight over, it was hard to imagine a time before we were on the plane.)

The LAX airport sucks.  Every time I pass through I feel bad for those people who first experience America at the LA airport. 

But time passed and then it was really time to go home.  Miraculously, we arrived in Tulsa early – I know, right?!  My backpack survived, too, which was equally as unexpected.  Some friends picked me up at the airport – they made a lovely welcome party! 

I was at home for 15 minutes, just enough time to change, and then some other friends picked me up and we headed out to Caravan (the country dance club in town).  I was on the dance floor by 10:30 (having landed at 9:30).  I smelled like 40 hours worth of airplane, but Caravan reeks of smoke anyway so I’m pretty sure no one noticed.

It was probably the best return to country I’ve ever had – dancing with my friends! 

  1. Well, another great trip, and wonderful blogs complete with pictures. You are amazing! And I’m glad you got it all from….Mom.

  2. thanks for sharing all that Maria!!

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