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How Many Goats Will Fit in the Trunk of a Camry?

In Uncategorized on January 5, 2011 at 11:29 pm

After breakfast this morning, we went to back to the orphanage to finish up our work.  This mostly consisted of taking a ton of pictures and asking our last questions of Pastor Mao. 

Maria - 0264

While Michelle and Garret did the final water testing (looking for arsenic), the kiddos and I went shopping.  Nothing too exciting though – we were checking for availability of common construction materials and pricing as much as we could.  In case you were wondering, you can get 12m of rebar for $6 – with free delivery!  (Come to think of it, that last part may have restrictions.)

Then we headed back to Phnom Penh – over the river, through the countryside, and all that.  Interesting – and true! – story: while waiting in line for the ferry, we watched the men in front of us cram two goats into the trunk of their Camry.  There was already stuff in there, otherwise it could have easily held another one.

For dinner, Kim and Rick and I went to the Chinese restaurant near our hotel.  I was so happy . . . I ordered in Chinese, all my favorites: 空心菜,宫保鸡丁,铁板牛肉, and it was all delicious!  The waitress, after hearing my Chinese, did not question my ability to eat with chopsticks, but after watching Kim and Rick struggling to eat the peanuts she brought over the Fork and Knife of Shame. 

Maria - 0273

Back at the hotel, we played a lively game of Loaded Questions, had some adventurous (read: bad) drinks from the café downstairs, and went to bed.  At midnight, though, because we’re like big kids or something!

  1. Ahhhh…. as much as I hate you traveling all over kingdom come, I have missed your blog posts. Rick and Kim can come over any time and use our forks for any kind of food we serve.

  2. That’s funny…I’ve also been exposed to the “Fork and Knife of Shame”.

  3. Welcome home! So glad you are home.


  4. My neck hurts from laughing so hard – you are priceless!

    And so glad Aunt Claire now knows her Camry truck will hold 3 goats!

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