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Adventuring Towards: Cambodia

In Uncategorized on December 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

I leave for Cambodia in a few hours.

Cambodia, not China. 

This is weird! 

I’m going as part of a SENEA assessment trip at our new project in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.  We’ll spend 7 or 8 days on the ground, getting to new the new project site at Multiple Blessings Orphanage.  The itinerary includes water testing, mapping, a survey of local shops, conversations with people at the orphanage . . . as well as visits to the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, the Angkor Wat (largest religious structure in the world), and a celebration of the new year. 

Additionally, I must say that my company is pretty awesome.  There’s Michelle, our mentor, and her husband; plus Rick and Kim, the wonder kids and the freshman and sophomore future of SENEA.

I’m pretty pumped.

But yeah, it’s super weird.

It’s my first visit to a country whose language I don’t speak in over two years.

My first real visit to an Asian country besides China!

My first time traveling internationally without checked luggage.

My first time traveling without a computer in over three years.

It’s going to be interesting!


This trip is nearly a perfect repeat of my very first trip to China.  Rewind to the summer of 2007: It was an 8-day assessment trip.  There were three of us students and our mentor.  And we didn’t know a damned thing about China! 

Now to the present: I’ve been to China 4 times, spent more time there than in my parents’ home since starting college, and speak Chinese comfortably. 

Fast-forward three years: What will have happened?  Will Rick and Kim be as familiar with Cambodia as I am with China? 


I can’t decide which is weirder, the idea that I once knew as little about China as I now know about Cambodia, or the idea of SENEAsians someday having as much experience in Cambodia as I have had in China. 

  1. I’m just starting to read your Cambodian posts (after all, you just wrote most of them). And I sure am looking forward to them…good to have you back, girlie!

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