Maria Holland

I Don’t Remember What Homework Is Like

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Tuesdays are much better than Mondays (and Thursdays even more so!).  I started the day with Microcomputers for Mechanical Engineers at 11.  It’s a freshman course, but I wasn’t ME as a freshman and, for various other reasons, I hadn’t gotten around to taking it until now.  So it’s about 30 freshman and me, the Super Senior.  I actually already know one girl in the class from Newman, though, and I think it will be kind of fun to get to know the freshman. 

Interestingly enough, I counted only 4 females in the class of about 30.  Everyone in China made such a big deal out of the gender imbalance in engineering, but I rarely notice it until others point it out. 

There’s an associated lab on Tuesday afternoon; this week’s task consisted of designing a personal web page.  I had done one way back when, as a freshman in The World of Physics.  It was embarrassingly out-of-date (probably about how this journal will look in four years, come to think of it) but all I had to do was update it. 


My last class is Resources and the Environment, an economics course that I’ve been looking forward to taking for at least two years now.  Economics is my second favorite department at TU, largely because of this professor, Dr. Settle, and this specific course has been recommended to me by two trusted friends (and one a fellow ME).  I’m just auditing it but I’m looking forward to the reading and especially the class discussion.  The rest of the class is basically the senior Energy Management majors and there are only two other students from the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, so I wonder if my perspective really will be different. 


I’m taking 14 hours, auditing 3, and “showing up” for 3.  18 is the maximum allowed without special permission, so if I were taking all of those for credit I guess it would be a little ridiculous.  But as it is it doesn’t seem like too terribly much.  Anyway, I can’t really remember what it’s like to have homework, or to have more important commitments than dinner at West Gate at 7, so I can’t imagine what made me so busy in previous years at TU.  I’m sure this year is going to be a breeze – haha. 

One thing that should be awesome, though, is finals week.  Is it strange that that’s my favorite part of every semester?  Tests are my specialty, and when it gets to the point that they’re the only thing between me and vacation – that’s where the fun begins.  Out of my 7 classes I’ll only be taking finals in 3.  Just how I like it!

Another observation after two days of classes that mainly consisted of going over syllabi – man, that academic dishonesty stuff is a big deal here!  I could never picture a TU professor willingly overlooking blatant cheating, and I could never picture a TU student saying that if someone else wants to cheat, it’s none of anyone else’s business.  I mean, I know that people must cheat at TU as well – but they fail classes and get expelled.

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