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Caution: Howitzer Crossing

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 11:34 pm

This morning we left Austin and headed north.  At around 2 p.m. we crossed the Red River into Oklahoma, and I was on my way back to Tulsa.  It was a long 15 months . . .

Our first stop was Lawton, and the house where I lived from age 3 to 5. 

Matt - 8513     

Matt was 6 to 8 while we lived there and he has such vivid memories of people, houses, events, etc.  I couldn’t remember a darn thing from that house, though.  I think my memory – especially visual – isn’t so good; maybe that’s why I like keeping a journal.

We had lunch at Cici’s Pizza, which was our favorite pizza place in Lawton.  I totally understand why our parents took us there: all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $5 = happy kids.  Matt and I left happy this time, too, and Matt didn’t even throw up afterwards.  Guess he’s grown up a bit in the last 15 years!

After lunch, we went to Ft. Sill, the military base where I lived from 5 to 7. 

Matt - 8526

I have slightly better memories of this place – the playgrounds, the pool, the building where Dad worked, Cannon Walk, and the cliff Geronimo jumped off. 

Matt - 8585

The Banksteins and Gaumers and Brenners and our bus driver, Mr. Cruise, who gave me a stuffed animal when we moved away.  Collecting shells from the firing range behind our house, watching parades and the filming of In the Army Now on the parade grounds in front of our house.  The sound of artillery firing in the near distance all day long, the sound of planes and helicopters overhead multiple times a day, and and the sound of the cannon and bugle every day at 5. 

Matt - 8577

We had a little bit of trouble finding some things that turned out to be gone – the old Boy Scout hut, the Brenner’s house, the church on our street.  In a normal community, you would just ask a random person on the street what happened to that thing that used to be there, but that doesn’t really work on an army base.  No one’s been there for longer than 3 or 4 years, so they probably don’t know any better than we do. 

Matt - 8619

After taking the scenic route down memory lane (stopping at the howitzer crossings, of course), we headed back through post and out to Altus to stay with my aunt. 

Matt - 8529

Tulsa tomorrow!

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