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In Uncategorized on July 19, 2010 at 3:31 pm

This last week has probably been the busiest of my time here in Xiamen, at least in the sense that the things I have to do can’t be pushed any further into the future.  I will be leaving in about 24 hours now, which means everything right now is the “last”. 

Before this week I was much more ready to go home.  There were things frustrating me about Xiamen (okay, honestly, it was really just the cicadas.  But still, they’re horrible) and finally things were starting to fall into place to look forward to back home.  But once it got down to days I wanted the countdown to return to weeks.  Even after two of my best friends left, I still wanted to stay here longer. 

So I’ve been busy packing, spending time with the friends I have left, and doing the things I want to do before leaving this home of mine.  I’m heading out in a few minutes to tour the Nanputuo Temple; though it is literally next door to my university I’ve never been.  It’s one of the last things on my Xiamen checklist, and then I guess in one way I’ll be ready to go home.

I have been too busy to write this week, but I am still Maria, so I’ve been jotting down notes about each day.  Full entries will follow once I’m on a plane or stranded in some airport somewhere.  There will be tales of my ‘graduation’, the most difficult goodbyes yet, karaoke, my third Chinese ordination, evangelization on QQ, lunches with every Chinese person I’ve ever met pretty much.  You know, my usual adventures. 

Get excited.

24 hours. 

  1. Travel safe! We too are counting down!

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