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The Hardest Goodbyes

In Uncategorized on July 16, 2010 at 12:34 pm

I continued packing this morning.  Kind of.  Apparently when sculpting, all you have to do is take away the rock that doesn’t belong; for me, that’s the most important part of packing.  I am being ruthless with my wardrobe, and have at least a suitcase worth of clothes to leave behind with friends.

Some friends and I had pulled noodles for lunch, then Aleid and I grabbed popsicles and went to the beach.  It’s really obvious that summer vacation has finally started here; the student haunts are emptied out but there are tourists all the time now.  We saw a few on the bus, ooh-ing and aah-ing over their first glimpse of the beach.  Oh, tourists . . . haha.

It was a beautiful day for Aleid’s last time on the beach.  It was cloudy at first – fluffy-white-clouds-on-blue-sky kind of cloudy, not smoggy or anything – but even that cleared up pretty quickly.  I read some Lord Jim, slept, and occasionally dipped in the water to cool off. 


I only stayed out there for two hours or so, but I guess we were there closer to midday than usual.  Even those two hours were enough to turn me red, which actually marks the first time I’ve gotten sunburned this year.  (And only like the 5th time in my life.  Interesting story: I was maybe 13 the first time I got sunburned, and when my skin started peeling off I was seriously convinced I was dying of skin cancer!)

I caught a random bus back to campus and happened to meet Eunice on it!  She had recently duplicated my success on the HSK (it’s the magic book, we decided) and owed me a milk tea, so we went to West Gate together for a delicious treat.  I like the Chinese tradition of treating your friends when you have good fortune, but the other way feels good, too, so I gate Eunice a 10-kaui bill so she can have a milk tea on me when she gets a job in Shanghai.

I showered all the sand off me, then parked myself on my bed and began packing.  A few hours later, I realized that I had made dinner plans and had no clue what time it currently was.  I found my cell phone across the room on my desk, with 3 texts and about 4 missed calls – I was an hour late for Aleid and Eunice’s goodbye dinner!  I ran out the door, grabbed a taxi, and managed to arrive at the restaurant before the food came, but I felt really bad about it :(

We retired to the beach after dinner, just hanging out on the sand, talking, and taking pictures.


We dressed up with fresh flowers from the beach.

IMG_3206  IMG_3208  

My last night with two of my best friends . . .


  1. Beautiful pictures of you all on the beach with the flowers in your hair!

  2. why does that sunburn story sound so familiar to me? was it in Houston?

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