Maria Holland

Biding Time

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2010 at 7:58 pm

Nothing important happens until tonight.

So I watched 非诚勿扰 again, this time with English subtitles.  It’s even funnier when you pick up the 20% I missed last time around in Chinese!  Dear friends back home – prepare to watch this when I get back!

The movie begins with a man writing a personal ad.  It basically sets the tone of the rest of the movie:

“Looking for hot guys?  Don’t bother.  No gold-diggers either, to avoid mutual disappointment.  PhD’s need not reply, women entrepreneurs need not reply (tradeswomen and peddlers excepted). 

Perfect men like Andy Lau and Tom Cruise won’t be seeking you here, nor do I expect to find Julia Roberts.  Even if you were a goddess, I couldn’t accept you.  I’m not expecting a cover-girl to blow me away, just a sane, healthy woman, modern on the outside, traditional on the inside.  Slightly demure would be ideal.  Don’t be too complicated, don’t be too young. 

Proficiency in folding laundry a plus, preferably pressed and folded like they just came off the store shelf.  Am I being too specific?  Let me introduce myself. 

I’m no longer young, solidly middle-class.  I smoke but don’t drink.  I went abroad to study, and lived overseas for a decade.  Never really studied much; I slacked and learned a few survival skills.  I’ve returned without accomplishment.  Truthfully, I’m what they call a “three strikes” returnee: no company, no stocks, no degree. 

Morally, I’m about 50-50.  I’m no angel, jut too cowardly to do wrong.  All in all, I would classify myself as a constructive member of society. 

If interested, please call. 

I hope you’re the one. 

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