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In Uncategorized on June 3, 2010 at 11:43 pm

It rained all day today (again) and all of my classes were, for one reason or another, cancelled.  I had plans to get a two-hour massage for $10 (I know, right?!) but the friends I was going to go with cancelled.  So, what to do?

I decided to spend the day in the most lazy fashion I could.  I got out of bed at 9 but as of this writing (11:43 p.m.) I have not changed out of my pajamas.  I ventured out briefly to buy mangoes and bananas at Baicheng but that was the only exception to my self-imposed house arrest.  (While out, though, I stopped by the campus supermarket.  I was looking for some plain crackers but got distracted by a new kind of Oreo – ice cream flavored!  They taste pretty much like normal Oreos only they leave your mouth with a “refreshing cool flavor”.  It’s almost minty but without the minty flavor; truthfully, it feels eerily like you just finished a bowl of ice cream.  I finished the pack, trying not to think about the chemicals required to produce this wholly-artificial flavor.)

I ordered lunch from the restaurant next door – chicken curry and rice, $1.50.  I ordered dinner from the new pizza place at West Gate – small cheese pizza and garlic bread, $3.50. 

I moved my computer to my bed, which was my base for the day as I did flashcard reviews and watched TV shows on DVD.  I fell way behind on Anki reviews during and after my trip to Jilin, so I started the day with 2,072 flashcards due.  It was hard and took nearly four hours (and most of the fourth season of Psych) but I made it through all of them!  I filled four-and-a-half sheets of paper with characters, which looks a little something like this:


Please be impressed . . .


Two other things of note today:

Some of my friends just had a baby.  Apparently.  I mean, based on the invitation to a baptism that I was emailed today, I’m assuming that they had a baby – but you know what happens when you assume.  It’s the first I’ve heard of a pregnancy, much less a baby, so I was a mixture of surprised and really confused.  I probably shouldn’t be surprised since a) I have been gone over nine months and b) most of what I know about my friends’ lives come from my facebook newsfeed, not like direct communication or anything.  I guess the most surprising thing is that I heard no hint of it on facebook? 


Also, today is the anniversary of nothing.  It’s just a day, like any other.  No big thing.  It may or may not happen to coincide with increased control and restrictions every year, but really – it’s nothing.  You just can’t hold a public gathering today.  No reason, why do you ask? 

  1. This blog reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. They wrote great shows for nine years — about nothing! There was one episode in Season 7 where Kramer complicates Jery’s quest to find a special brand of Chinese gum. Maybe it was Oreo flavored…

  2. Hi Maria, I just showed dad your references for “nothing” as he hadn’t checked them out and wasn’t aware of what your “Nothing” title referred to.

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