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In Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Yesterday was amazing all day.  In the evening, we went out to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday at a fish restaurant near the Lundu Ferry dock.  We sat upstairs on a covered deck, where we had a great view (mostly in shades of blue and gray) of Gulangyu and the strait. 


The food was good, but the most memorable thing was the service.  The servers came around and arranged individual sets of dishes in front of us, which is a long way from using your chopsticks to punch through the plastic wrap on your 1-kuai set of disinfected dishes.  They put a bowl of lemon water on the table for us to wash our hands, which is a little classier than using the pack of kleenex that you personally brought.  There were also some downsides to it, which made me realize why we always go to such cheap places – they don’t care if you brink your own drinks.  (Also, they’re cheap!  But just to be clear, dinner was still $7 a person.)

I went home after dinner, where I met up with some friends to go to the first beach party of the season!  I had so much fun dancing and just running into basically every foreigner I’ve ever met in Xiamen. 

There were beautiful lights:


And glow sticks for raving:


At one point, there were a ton of people all standing around in a huge circle watching a totally wasted guy dance like a crazy person, when I realized it was time for graduation to start back home.  I rushed into the circle and just started rocking out to “Volare”.


I think dancing the funky chicken at a beach party instead of graduating is kind of an analogy for this year of my life.  They’ve both been incredibly fun, not a little bit ridiculous, and, while not directly furthering my academic career, I’ve certainly learned a lot.

For instance, last night Eunice, XuLei and I were sitting on the beach chatting about boys.  It’d had been a long time since I’d done that, and I’m pretty sure it was my first time doing so in Chinese – it was great.  Then our conversation was interrupted by some very close explosions as some people set off fireworks about 10 feet away.  I wasn’t worried at first but things started falling on us and we ran.  XuLei made fun of me later, saying that I had been “一个劲儿地说不危险" (continuously saying that it wasn’t dangerous) until I finally freaked out.  I didn’t even mind her mocking me because she did so by using, 一个劲儿, which is one of the new words in the lesson we’re supposed to be working on this weekend! 

And that’s how we do it here in China – 一边玩,一边学习  (study and have fun at the same time).

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