Maria Holland

I Bless You, I Bless You In The Lord

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2010 at 12:35 am

I can be so clever sometimes.  With the purchase of two small bottles of nail polish, I managed to turn my two sets of Catan (one English, one Chinese), normally for 3-4 players, into a game for 5 or 6 players. 

We inaugurated the large island this afternoon: me, Aleid, Kristina, Maja, Carlos, and Carlos’ friend.  Carlos stole my victory in the first game when – both of us tied at 9 points and me with another settlement in my hand – he held up a victory point card and innocently asked when he could play it.  I mainly sat out the second game, helping Carlos’ friend and offering advice to those about to seriously err.  My guy did pretty well, but Carlos somehow managed to win again.  Haha, these two victories probably bring his five-game average up to 6 points or so . . .


I can also be really slow sometimes.  I went over to church after we finished playing because I thought we were supposed to be there all night again.  I arrived just as everyone was packing up after the rehearsal; apparently we were supposed to come at 4 if we could for a run-through.  Dang. 

I did run into Fr. Jiang, though, who said that the consecrating bishop is from Shandong.  From what I gathered (seriously, he is hard to understand no matter what language he’s speaking), the other Fujian bishop was not acceptable because he’s not Vatican-approved?  More leads, but still no answer . . .


I’m sure I’ll have LOTS of interesting stuff to write about tomorrow, but my main goal tonight is getting the flashcard stack down to four or five hundred.  So, to round out this post I would like a translation of one of my favorite songs that we sing at Mass here every week during the Sign of Peace.  I offer it as a blessing to all of you readers, especially those classmates back home at TU who are hours away from finishing up one major stage of life and beginning another:






I bless you, bless you in the Lord.  I wish you peace and all the best.

I bless you, bless you in the Lord.  I wish you happiness, and that everything would go smoothly. 

Wherever you are, I will always sincerely wish you well.

My song bears my greetings to you, as we gather in the Lord.

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