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Today Was A Rollercoaster!

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 at 2:04 am

Up: Arriving in class a few minutes early, having previewed the new text and looked at all the new words.

Down: No one besides Jelle, Aleid, and I did, so we’re going to continue at the mind-numbingly slow pace as always.


Down: Agreeing to lunch plans with Zhang LiBin, a guy who (like a shocking number of my Chinese contacts) I met in a train station.  He came into town this week and despite me being busy and not particularly wanting to hang out with him, he guilted me into it.

Up: XuLei agreeing to accompany me to lunch and doing a fabulous job of keeping the conversation going, translating thick accents, and generally sticking to me like glue.  Actually, the lunch ended up going well.  Zhang and I don’t share a ton of interests and the two friends that he brought along uttered perhaps 10 sentences between them (8 of them in response to direct questions) but we managed to chat pleasantly and eat really well (hot pot!).  Also, I missed my afternoon class but apparently it was a review of the review we did last week, so I didn’t miss much.


Down: Learning of yesterday’s suicide at XiaDa.  Apparently an exchange student from Shandong University jumped off the Tall Building, which I guess does help explain why it’s usually not possible to go up there.

Up: Learning that Chinese people never go to the dentist (as in, none of the four Chinese at lunch had ever been to the dentist before).  First of all, it now makes sense why Chinese generally have horrible teeth.  It also makes moving to China much more appealing, because I hate to go to the dentist.  Little do you all know, this whole study abroad idea was just an elaborate plan to skip the biannual appointment my mom nags me about.


Down: Having 1,421 flashcards awaiting review in Anki, a result of the three-day weekend (plus yesterday) when I did no studying. 

Up: Seeing that number get down to 707 after only an hour and a half. 


Up: Smiling at a woman on the bus and having her do a double-take – to SMILE.

Down: Arriving at choir practice and having three people ask me why I wasn’t at the practice that no one told me about yesterday.


Up: Seeing my Little Brother, enjoying his random English responses (“Where did you go this weekend?”  “Whatever”), having a conversation about Nike shoes (??), and hearing him cantor so beautifully.

Down: Feeling stupid because I didn’t know almost half of the words in one song, still don’t know what time I’m supposed to be at practice tomorrow, and only tonight realized that Saturday’s Mass is in the morning.  Realizing the reason BingBing doesn’t really seem to like me that much is because I must be an enormous hassle.


Up: Running to catch the last bus of the night back to West Gate – and making it!

Down: Getting caught in an intense thunderstorm on the way home from West Gate.


Here’s one thing that managed to pick me up during the downs: 改变自己, a song I just discovered by Wang Leehom (王力宏).

This morning after getting up, I looked at myself in the mirror;
Suddenly, I realized my bed-head is a little ridiculous.
A little change can make a big difference,
Our strength can change the world.

Recently, I’ve been troubled; recently, I’ve been down
Every day when I watch the news, I want to shout
But swearing is no use; everyone will just be offended
By changing myself, I’ve discovered that a lot of things are different

Modern friend, let’s work hard
Everyone yell na na na na na

I can change the world, change myself
Change the distance between us, change the pettiness
If we work hard and never give up
Then we can change the world
Come on, change yourself!

This morning after getting up, my head was a little sore
Maybe there’s too much carbon dioxide or not enough oxygen
A little change can make a big difference,
Our passion can change the world.

You can represent yourself, not politics
Even if this world stresses me out
I need to adjust myself . . .
Who knew that a little bit would be the crowning touch?

While I would like to give Wang Leehom a round of applause for working in “carbon dioxide” to his lyrics, I will admit that it’s cooler in Chinese (start at 00:30).



大家一起大声的说Na Na Na Na Na

要一直 努力 努力永不放弃
Come on, 改变自己

今早起床了, 觉得头有点痛

要调整自己, 嗯…

I’m addicted.

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