Maria Holland

Well Played

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2010 at 12:32 am

Aleid and I began the day at the tailor’s shop.  She had a cute dress to pick up and I had a pair of pants to drop off.  I brought him my favorite (slash only) pair of khakis in the hopes of of prolonging their lifetime.  They’re kind of old (as in, I bought them at Goodwill several years ago) but so comfortable, so I asked him to update them a little by slimming the legs down from a flare to a straight leg, and to get rid of the tattered-to-hell hem.  Three days and 20 kuai ($3) is apparently all it’s going to take to get a few more years out of these pants!

We made it back just in time for class.  Speaking class was pretty fun today because we did an activity in which students, grouped together by nationality, answered questions from other students about studying abroad in their countries.  I counted; my classmates come from 12 different countries. 

After class, I had a date with Carlos, Kristina, and Maja on the island of Catan.  We began playing outside where, after a brief rainstorm, the weather had cooled down from the afternoon’s intense heat. 


The game went well until the sprinkles started back up and we had to hurriedly move the game inside.  We reconstructed the setup based on a picture, which ended up being a lot of hassle for the remaining 8 minutes or so that it took me to win the game.

I’m not actually sure if my friends here like playing Catan, or if they are just very driven to beat me.  After winning (bringing my streak up to 5, I think), they all wanted to play again.  The second game didn’t go so much in my favor but I still managed to get up to 9 points by the time Kristina won.  Needless to say, she was happy about her first ever Catan victory!


Well played, Kristina.  你有一手.

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