Maria Holland

It’s Friday Now, But Sunday’s Coming

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2010 at 1:05 am

In class this morning, Jelle made me realize that rappers basically sound like Beijingers.  “Hot in hurrr”, “boots with the furrrr” – it’s perfect 儿话.

Also, I heard for the first time that you can get sick if you wear too much clothing.  Seriously!  Our teacher was saying you need to gradually wear less and less in the spring, and more and more in the fall, otherwise you’ll 生病.

Back in my room this morning, I saw that America had finally caught up to April Fool’s Day.  Better late than never, right?  I was fooled by the first paragraph of the story about improvements in Vatican-Jehovah’s Witness relations; Google’s prank was good as always (and Google Reader had one, too); and I also liked the idea of selling tomorrow’s ocean-front property.

I met Hu Jing for lunch in the cafeteria.  She hadn’t been able to come to my birthday party last week, so she wanted to have lunch to give me her present.  My heart sunk when I saw her pull out a book with Chinese characters on it, but then I saw the few English words on the cover – The Kite Runner!  We went to a bookstore together once and she remembered me pointing out the book as one of my favorites, so she bought it for me in Chinese – 追风筝的人!

I spent the afternoon in my room.  I didn’t feel like doing flashcard reviews so I opted for something more fun – I translated the most recent blog entry of 韩寒, China’s most famous blogger (slash racecar driver slash heartthrob slash singer slash author).  It was my first time hearing the thoughts of a Chinese person on the Google issue, and easily kept my attention.

Tonight I went with Andreea and Lester to Good Friday service at church.  Reading of the Passion, prayers for the Church and the world, and veneration of the cross – just like every year.  It’s a difficult service, but we have the advantage of knowing that the Easter Vigil will be following in exactly 24 hours . . .


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