Maria Holland

Down With the Sickness

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 at 1:07 am

Someone I know is always sick here.  There are flu seasons in America when everyone gets sick, but here there’s always at least one person who’s sick.  (Actually, Martin says he’s always sick, so apparently I always know two people who are sick.) 

Today is perhaps not typical, but it’s also not really atypical.  I woke up hoarse and, because the new Spaniard is sick, we cancelled our lunch plans.  Instead, I had lunch with Carlos, Eva, and Martin (who is, apparently, always sick); Eva also complained of throat problems.  I spent the afternoon running errands for Lester, who’s in the hospital.  I got an email from Vikki, who was sick last time I saw her. 

Between the food and the air here, it’s a wonder we’re not sick more, actually.

The afternoon of errands was China at its best.  Trying to 办事 (get stuff done) in China is like the Amazing Race, only slower and without a prize.  The people in Lianxing Lou told me to go to the police station by the museum; the people at that police station told me to go to the XiaDa branch; they told me the only lady who could help me was sick, and I need to go back in two days.  Hopefully the information they gave me about the required forms won’t have changed before then, but with my luck it’ll probably still take me two trips.

I stayed at home tonight to rest.  I watched Arrested Development while making a dinner of cheesy pasta with bread and lemonade.  I could almost pretend that I was back home in America!  Then I did my homework, reviewed, and previewed like the good student I am. 

I’m really annoyed by two of our new vocabulary words, 撒 and 洒.  They are both pronounced ‘sǎ’ and have essentially the same meaning, of ‘sprinkling or scattering’.  It just doesn’t seem efficient to me, and really annoys me on principle.  However, it’s not quite as bad as 相, 像, and 象, which are all pronounced ‘xiàng’ and mean ‘appearance’.

I have class for 4.5 hours tomorrow, which seems like an absolutely ridiculous amount.  Hahaha, it’s going to be hard to adjust back to life at TU . . .


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