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In Uncategorized on February 13, 2010 at 12:41 pm

Yesterday was the birthday of Talia, a friend of mine from Israel. 


We went to a nearby Sichuan restaurant for dinner, including several delicious meat dishes and the best celery I’ve ever tasted.  Seriously, it was fantastic – and out of celery!?!


During dinner, we did tequila shots and I ended up covered in beer.  Ah, it is so easy to write as though I party hard-core all the time.  In reality, the shots were – to everyone else’s surprise – my first, and – to my surprise – not bad.  We toasted twice to Talia on her birthday, saying “Cheers” in all the languages present – English, Chinese, German, Russian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, and of course Hebrew (although the actual pronunciation of ‘mazeltov’ is almost unrecognizable as such; it sounds very much like “higher” in Spanish – ‘mas alta’).

As for the beer, dinner had almost passed without incident when I found my glass full of beer for another toast.  After a polite sip, I passed it off on the Chinese guys next to me.  One of them pronounced 一口干! (literally, “dry in one mouthful”), which should have been a warning.  He lost control somehow and spit it all over me, which meant I found myself “wet in one mouthful”.  And that, kids, is what happens when you don’t drink your beer yourself.  It’s funny, though – if I had had to picture the night I got covered in beer, I would have imagined the rest of the events of the night being a total blur. 

We walked from dinner to Paradise bar, a little place with a nice view of Gulangyu.  I ran into Bryan, my fellow Okie, and ended up having a lengthy discussion of Catholicism.  Interestingly, this isn’t even the first incident of Catholic apologetics taking place in a bar among my friends.  Yeah, we’re that cool.

From Paradise we went to The Key, getting there via particularly epic taxi ride with 5 people in the back. 

IMG_2289 IMG_2285 IMG_2288

I hadn’t been to The Key in probably a month, so it was great to dance again.  What would this year have been like without the songs “Just Dance” and “I Gotta Feeling”?  Luckily, I’ll never have to know.

I got home around 4.  The beer had long since dried, but I also now smell like smoke.  Second-hand smoke is kind of like pollution – in America, you hear about the dangers but it remains some abstract thing, a problem that’s affecting someone else or maybe even you, but ‘you’ way on down the road.  In China, it’s a problem for tonight.  Global warming, increased rates of lung cancer – they’re hard to understand, hard to see now.  Speak to me of cities like Wuhan and clothes that smell like they did tonight, and I’ll understand. 


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