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In Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Today was a little bit of alright.  Finally!

I went out this afternoon for the first time in daylight.  I walked to West Gate and had lunch at Aleid’s Restaurant, accompanied by a delicious cup of 珍珠奶茶 milk tea from Coco.  It had been a long time and man, it tasted good.  Finally!

After lunch I caught a bus headed for the ZhongShan Lu, the ped mall downtown.  I walked the length of it and noticed a piano shop I hadn’t seen before.  I went in to ask about piano music, and they directed me to the bookstore next door.  Most sheet music in China consists of numbers instead of notes and is impossible to read, but I ask everywhere anyway.  I totally lucked out here, though, with a huge section of piano books.  They even had a few books of modern Chinese songs, including some of my favorites: 天路, 北京欢迎你, 做你的爱人.  I’m still looking for the sheet music to 童话, but this is still progress on the piano front.  Finally!

When I got to the ocean end, I went in search of the Tea Shop DVD store that a friend had showed me a few months ago.  Against all odds, I FOUND IT!  It was right where I remembered it – on the small road off ZhongShan Lu, down the alley, in the tea shop at the end of the street, behind the cabinets and through the closed door.  I feel like a secret agent shopping for DVDs.  I bought a few movies I like, one new TV series, and the entire set of Golden Girls.  Finally!

From there I got on a bus to the train station.  A little ways into it, I second-guessed myself and got off.  I was on the right bus, but as luck would have it, I got off by a little shop that sells (among other things) baking soda.  Still no sign of vanilla, but it’s a step.  Finally!

I got off at the train station, and said a silent prayer thanking God that it wasn’t my destination.  It looks like a refugee camp, filled with people sitting around, surrounded by their every worldly possession, appearing to have lost all hope in ever getting out of there.  Probably a realistic expectation, unfortunately.  My actual destination was the movie theater in the mall next door.  I miraculously found it – seriously, two successful searches in China in one day?  I think God Himself heard my tears and is intervening.  Finally!

I went to see Avatar in 3D, which cost me all of 37 kuai (or $5).  I’m guess I’m glad I went to see it, but . . . am I the only person in the whole word who was disappointed?  It was pretty, but every plot element was recycled from some other movie.  Meh. 

Now I’m back home, watching Golden Girls and finishing things up before bed.  I also remembered that, in my wisdom, I bought a book in Taiwan that I was saving for a bad day.  Even though today has been pretty good, I say it still counts.  Can’t wait to read it – When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris. 


  1. Woo hoo!!!! There’s my girl!! Love you!

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