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T-Minus 25 and Counting …

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2010 at 10:13 pm

I took my first final today, Listening Comprehension.  It went well; probably haven’t taken such a low pressure final since I took O’Neil’s Calc III final for fun. 

Afterwards, I went to lunch with Katrine and Aleid.  I’ve really enjoyed having class with them, usually followed by lunch, and hope that something similar happens next semester.  As we walk down the stairs together, one of us always makes a comment like “I haven’t had rice in forever!” or “I feel like Chinese today”, which always makes me laugh.  But it is true; I have become a rice addict here.  If I don’t have it one day, I can tell the next day because there is a rice-shaped hole in my stomach that is begging to be filled. 

Our lunch was pretty normal, but the conversation was particularly funny:

“I had another dream about bread last night.”
– Aleid

Me: “I didn’t have dinner last night because I ate a bunch of strawberries.”
Katrine: “Well, that’s okay, strawberries are healthy.”
Me: “But I ate them with Nutella!”

I went to ZhongShanLu this afternoon for some quick shopping.  I have finally found the PERFECT pair of leggings but the lady wasn’t there so I couldn’t stock up like I had planned.  I did, however, buy a pair of black Converse All-Stars!  I think they look really good (as in, accurate fakes) and they only cost 50 kuai ($7).  Sweet!

This evening, I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant with Alice.  The food was okay but the dinner all in was great – especially the delicious Thai rice.  We continued our conversation after dinner over a dessert of strawberries and Nutella :)

My parents just took off from Minneapolis, heading for San Francisco.  This is so crazy!  Their trip has been one of those things that you talk about for so long that it seems impossible that it’s actually happening.  They’ll be here in 25 hours – MY PARENTS, IN CHINA!

Can’t wait to see what happens . . .


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