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Chocolate Chip Cookies – in Metric

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2010 at 12:53 am

Yesterday in my funk I made plans to get out of my funk.  I called the friend who said she wanted to learn how to bake and we made plans to get together today.  She picked me up at noon and treated me to steak! 

The restaurant, Houcaller, is really not bad (for China, obviously).  I ordered my steak done to 6 points (I’m assuming out of 10?) and it was a pretty good rendition of medium rare.  It came with some mediocre spaghetti, a mostly-raw egg, and a buffet of tropical fruit afterwards.  Just like America! 

After stopping by a supermarket to pick up some ingredients, we went to her house.  This woman is rich.  Ridiculously rich, in fact.  She drives a BMW and lives in a 3-story, single-family house.  Said house has a karaoke room and a wall-mirrored dance studio in the basement, and TWO kitchens upstairs – one for Chinese food and one for Western cooking, complete with oven. 

It was fun baking with them.  They enjoyed all of my favorites parts of baking – sneaking a taste (or five) of the dough, smelling the delightful scent of baked goods, eating the cookies fresh from the oven, licking the spoon afterwards.  They even had COLD MILK to go with my cookies.  Score! 


After a batch, we went to Metro to check out supplies for the next time.  So here’s the low down on what you can and can’t buy in China – and where:

  • Average store: flour, coarse granulated sugar, dark brown sugar, chocolate, butter, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, peanut butter, baking soda, yeast, salt
  • At Metro: powdered sugar, light brown sugar, fine granulated sugar
  • Nowhere: vanilla, chocolate chips, baking chocolate, sour cream, cream of tartar, . 

Plan well . . .

Back at the house, I watched TV while my friends made dinner.  I ended up on Channel 3 watching a Taiwanese show called I Do?  I actually really liked it.  It’s probably not anything super special, just a love story, but it met all the qualifications I was looking for in a Chinese show – namely, they speak clearly and relatively slowly and I understand most of it.  Corny lines like “When I’m with you, it’s like time stops” or “You’re about to get married, don’t you know that?” or “Every sunset for five years, I thought of you” sound more fresh in a new language. 

Dinner was great.  I’m hoping to go back sometime – we have a lot more to bake.


PS – here’s the chocolate-chip cookie recipe from the back of the chocolate-chip bag – in metric:

300 g flour
5 ml baking soda
5 ml salt
225 g butter (softened)
150 g granulated sugar
165 g packed brown sugar
5 ml vanilla extract
2 eggs
300g chocolate chips
120g chopped nuts (optional)

Bake at 190C

  1. I’m glad you past the funk. I don’t like funk…

  2. You are having some amazing adventures and I keep thinking- better you than me! I was behind in reading your blogs so I got caught up this evening. Most of it sounds like fun, except for the food part. I would really lose weight if I had to eat over there. I do like American Chinese food but what you are eating doesn’t sound anything like what I am used to here.
    We did get your postcard a few days ago and enjoyed receiving it.
    Take care of yourself and Happy New Year!

  3. Just to keep things straight… that last note was from Aunt Pat.

  4. Did you bring the chocolate chips from home? Are your parents going to replenish your supply?
    Good parents would…..
    A. Claire

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