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Fiesta En Mi Cuarto

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2010 at 2:06 am

In celebration of the end of class, I made a Mexican meal for lunch today.  As Chinese kitchen adventures usually are, it was interesting.  I had a can of refried beans but no opener, so I turned to Google for tips on “opening a can without a can opener”.  There were several amazingly useful tips:

  • should of bought a can opener before buying a can that needed to be opened, dont worry we all make mistakes just go back to the store and buy one. it will all be good.
  • go to a dollar store they have can openers and they are, go figure, a dollar.
  • Ask your neighbor to borrow his or hers, better yet save up $3.00 and go buy one

Man, why didn’t I think to go to the dollar store and buy one?!?  Anyway, I managed to get it open by using almost every gadget on my pocket knife.  Victory of brute strength! (and simple tools)

Lunch was good.  The quesadillas were made from some mysterious kind of tortilla that doesn’t need to be refigerated, but they also contained cheese which was really enough for us.  The hot pepper paste flavoring the pico de gallo was definitely more Chinese than Mexican, but it was mostly overpowered by the lemon, so it wasn’t too bad.  The beans smelled just like home and were totally delicious.

After lunch we baked the first of my Betty Crocker boxed mixes, Fudge Brownies.  My oven is a little hard to deal with and we had to perform open-heart surgery on the brownies, but they tasted good and that’s what counts. 

This evening was Virginie’s birthday (one of Aleid’s French roommates) and we went to the hotpot place.  We had a delicious, warm, 3-hour long dinner.  The conversation was lively as usual, and included a lot of jokes this time.  It started with Aleid’s Dutch joke:

Q: “How many letters are there in the Dutch alphabet?
A: “23, because KLM flew away!”

and then I told my favorite joke:

Q: “What did the 0 say to the 8?
A: “Nice belt!”

which was even funnier when Justine had to translate it into French for Jeremy to understand it.  Because Jimmy, a fellow engineer was there, I told a nerdy joke:

So there are two atoms, and one says to the other, “I think I lost an electron!”  The other one says, “Are you positive?”

Some of them translated well:

Q: Have you heard about the corduroy pillows?
A: They’re making headlines!

And some of them didn’t:

Q: What’s brown and sticky?
A: A stick!

Joke suggestions welcomed! 

  1. You know how to say courdoroy in Chinese?!? Wow!

  2. lol… took me way too long to get the joke about the 0 and the 8. totally love it though

  3. Haha, Chris, it’s okay. Mom – sorry, the jokes were all told in English. I guess something just got lost in the translation from English to everyone’s own languages :-/

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