Maria Holland

打发时间 (Wasting Time)

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2010 at 12:39 am

I wasted too much time today.  Aleid shamed me by bringing a menu to class and translating it during class.  The thing is, living here in China we’re surrounded by characters all the freaking time.  At least several times a day, I notice a character, ask myself what it could possibly mean, and then promptly forget it.  In my engineering courses I usually just do the assigned work, but in language learning (especially since our classes really aren’t that hard) you can – and probably should – do so much more.  At various points during my time here, I’ve done that, but not enough.

Plus, by translating menus we can hopefully manage to not eat frog again.  I didn’t think it was half bad (although the bones were, as all bones are, really annoying) but Aleid was not happy to find out that she had eaten that.  Or when I told her that weird thing we ate in ZhaoAn was a heart.  What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, but it does still hurt when you find out later . . . 

I did go to Mass this evening for the feast of the Epiphany.  One of the nice things about the Christmas season is all the other feasts that quickly follow.  In America, it adds some excitement to daily Mass; it China it means Mass is offered in a language I vaguely understand (Mandarin) instead of one that I don’t understand at all (Minnanhua).  I also had a really great taxi ride home from church.  The driver was really nice and talkative.  If I were in Hunchun I would have made him “my” taxi driver, but in Xiamen they’re so prevalent and my location is convenient enough to not need a taxi on call. 

I also took down my Christmas tree and watched like 6 episodes of Big Bang Theory.  Maybe it wasn’t that much of a wasted day . . .


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