Maria Holland

Been There, Done That

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2010 at 11:46 pm

We started our second day in ZhaoAn with Chinese breakfast.  Chinese breakfast is kind of interesting, because it’s pretty much just like Chinese lunch and Chinese dinner – there’s vegetables, meat, seafood, and rice.  (Okay, to be fair, the rice at breakfast is watery.  Everything else is the same.)  I usually consider myself ready for new food only after noon, but Aleid and I were proud of ourselves for eating it.

After breakfast we continued making the rounds of friends (thankfully with less tea today).  One of our stops was at a real estate company where our friends are looking into buying a new storefront; we may have been brought along as bargaining tools. 

It was a beautiful day to walk around, almost 20 degrees C.  ZhaoAn is one of those Chinese towns that are all the same.  There are workers welding on the side of the road without cover, which is so common it’s cliche.  It’s easy to tell they don’t get many foreigners there, which can almost be measured by the number of near-accidents per minute.  I’m used to people rubber-necking a full 180 degrees when they see me, but today was the first time I saw a guy get into trouble with his girlfriend for staring.  That was kind of nice; I certainly don’t get second (or third) glances in America.

We took a bus back at 1, arriving back in Xiamen just in time to miss our afternoon class.  The trip, unexpected extension and all, was totally worth it though.  ZhaoAn ended up being much further than we had expected, which means Aleid and I have covered the length and breadth of our province.

Fullscreen capture 142010 104754 PM.bmp

From Yongding’s tulou in the west to Ningde in the east, and from ZhaoAn in the south to Wuyishan in the north, we’ve been there, done that, had that adventure, and ate that . . . whatever it was.


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