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In Uncategorized on December 6, 2009 at 8:56 am

Shanghai has been wonderful so far! I don’t have much time because I’m off to Mass soon, but here’s a short list of what I’ve done:

  • took a very Chinese tour of Shanghai – hours spent on a bus, only to get my picture taken in front of the Oriental Pearl, Nanjing Lu, and Old Town
  • roomed with a Chinese nun
  • walked the Stations of the Cross at Sheshan, the only active pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics in China
  • visited Sheshan Seminary, one of the 12 in China (and also the one where my priests studied)
  • experienced a possible miracle at Our Lady of Sheshan!
  • started learning the Hail Mary in Minnanhua, the local dialect of my province
  • attended my first ordination Mass
  • figured out Shanghai’s subway and found a hostel all by myself
  • took a boat trip on the HuangPu River
  • got a full-body massage

Like I said, it’s been a really good trip. I’m so glad I came because of the opportunities to make connections with some people from my church, as well as the indescribable experience of attending my first ordination Mass, of a deacon I know, in Chinese. Plus, Shanghai has some fall colors, which is just about what I needed now at the beginning of December. Also, traveling by myself has been a lot more fun than I expected. Until I met my American hostel-mates last night, I had spoken basically no English since Wednesday night, but I’ve had a lot of opportunities to speak Chinese.

Anyway, like I said, I’m off to Mass. Father Zhao – formerly Deacon Zhao – told me that one of the newly-ordained priests is celebrating his first Mass this morning at 10, and I plan to be there.

  1. Maria – glad you’re having fun and are safe. Mom and I want to know about the miracle…and I’m not talking about the one where you ran the 100m dash!

  2. YEAH, It’s a miracle you are doing so well in Shanghai but I don’t think that’s what you were referring too…………..
    TELL US !!

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