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Little By Little

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2009 at 11:02 pm

The highlight of my day today was learning the word penguin (企鹅) in class and then seeing it in the subtitles of the NUMB3RS episode I was watching.  I saw it at the end of a line and thought, “Hey, that looks like the word for penguin!” before they said “penguin” in English.

Small victories. 

The second highlight of my day is probably the bottle of lemonade I’m drinking right now.  After the week or so where I tried all the bottled lemonade options, I just gave up.  Since then, milk tea has filled the void pretty well, but I have to go outside to get it.  I did, however, bring several of those little packets of Country Time Lemonade powder that you add to bottles of water, and decided to use one. 

Simple pleasures.

I’m currently working my way through the prayer of consecration in Chinese, looking up words I don’t know and trying to understand the translation.  My goal is to be through the rest of the Mass by the time I leave for Shanghai on Thursday morning.  I’ve added the ‘special’ words I’ve learned (generally related to Catholicism or engineering) to my flashcard program, so a typical run of flashcards is: “bookshelf”, “chicken”, “Jesus”, “magnetism”, “mercy”, “far”, “improve”, “torque”, “apostle”, “definitely”, “sand”, “number”, etc. 

Small steps.

I am getting pretty good at finding any sort of media I want on the Chinese internet.  I’ve downloaded just over two days’ worth of music, which makes up for not having a radio.  A couple recent downloads are from the Flight of the Conchords.  I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube, especially Most Beautiful Girl in the Room and I’m Not Crying.  They’re stupidly hilarious.

Simple minds.

  1. Okay, your dad and I just watched the Flight of the Conchords videos you recommended and I think that you need to take the NEXT hardest Chinese class if you have time to listen to that craziness! Checked on the Not bad scenery song too. Too bad we can’t read Chinese cuz we could have sung along! Love you!

  2. Hi,
    I loved every FOC episode I have watched. My favorite was the episode about the coffee mug–that is the two dollar purchase that made it possible for them to drink coffee at the same time, but was the budget item that turned off their power and almost drove them to homelessness. It’s funny just because it is so preposterous.

    There is a new Asian market in Tulsa. I am making it my goal to learn at least three rice noodle dishes. If you are not tired of Asian food by the time you return, I’ll take you there. You’ll probably be able to identify some of the items that are still mysterious to me.

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