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Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and All That

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2009 at 11:36 pm

I thought yesterday was nice, but then I saw today.  Even warmer, even sunnier, even more amazingly beautiful. 

My Chinese friend Joyce stood me up again, so I just enjoyed the walk across campus to get lunch.  I took my pork, potato, and rice back across campus to the lake, the better to enjoy the beautiful day.  I sat on the small island in the lake, basking in the sun and eating my lunch. 

I was planning on a quiet lunch, but instead a series of interesting people paraded by.  There were a lot of people sharing the island with me, alternately studying, sleeping, and taking tons of pictures.  Then some tourists came over to ask how to get to the stop for the #1 bus and I eavesdropped on that conversation.  “But if the West Gate is there, then that should be the North Gate!” – I’m with ya, bro.  It did make me feel like a native, though, because I long since ceased being confused by the fact that the Nanputuo (‘nan’ meaning ‘south’) gate is on the north side of campus. 

Then a woman sitting nearby got up and began doing some exercises.  The girls studying by me were interested in what she was doing, which resulted in us all being treated to a lecture about the importance of health and how this one exercise was more useful than any kind of medicine. 

This evening I went dancing.  It was fun; we did a cha-cha line dance and one of the women found it hilarious to rub her butt against mine when it came to that part of the dance.  She was right – it was hilarious.  As I was leaving, I took the opportunity to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving (祝你感恩节快乐) for tomorrow, to which they unanimously responded, “Merry Christmas!” (祝你圣诞节快乐).  Close enough, right?

The rest of my evening was spent studying Chinese and planning for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It’s going to be big; you have no idea.  While you wait with joyful anticipation for tomorrow’s post (seriously, it’s going to be an event), here are some China-related news articles.

First, more executions over last summer’s tainted milk scandal.  I was upset as anyone to hear that my beloved MengNiu yogurt company put melamine in their products, but I find it hard to believe that they’re executing those responsible.  We have scandals like this, don’t we?  What do we do with them?

Then, a retired bishop in Hong Kong published a guide to the Pope’s letter to the Church in China, which was released a few years ago.  The main thing I found interesting was the final paragraph (emphasis mine):

Cardinal Zen said that spiritual reconciliation between underground and government-approved Church communities and a structural merger of the two groups are separate issues which should not be confused.

Tomorrow’s going to start very early (really, get excited!) so I should probably finish up and go to bed. 

  1. Ha! We think you’re joshing us about your Turkey Day plans because you actually have class and studying…but we’ll wait up late tonight to read your blog and see what the deal is. Sorry you are not going to be here with us, so let’s talk via Skype when you get a chance. We’ll be here all day other than 0900 Mass (Dad).

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