Maria Holland

Sunny With a High of 75

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Today was 75 and sunny – isn’t that pretty much the definition of perfect?  In between classes this morning, I went out with some friends to soak up the sun, which we hadn’t seen in over a week.  Glorious! 

This evening I went to watch the sunset – stunning, as expected on such a day – and then to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.  I asked for a recommendation of a new dish to try and, in agreement, ordered the 黑椒牛肉.  While I waited for my food, I wondered what kind of pepper this was in the dish – literally, “black pepper”.  It turned out to be . . . black pepper.  Yeah, I’m still feeling stupid over that one.

I went to dance class afterwards, where I learned a rhumba routine, danced cha-cha to the Backstreet Boys, made a new Chinese friend, learned her name, and promptly forgot it.  Pretty much a routine evening here.

Now I’m working on Chinese vocabulary and finishing up the first season of The Big Bang Theory, which I [very happily] just discovered. 

  1. Maria-enjoying your writing. Hope your Thanksgiving is sunny & perfect for a walk around the lake. Glad your parents are coming soon. I’m excited for all of you to share such a cool experience! Happy Thansgiving from the Denton Nieswiadomys!!

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