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我赢了! (I Won!)

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2009 at 12:48 am

I love keeping a journal.  I really appreciate the time spent each day, reflecting on the events that took place and putting my thoughts into words.  I also like the opportunities to look back at the events and thoughts of previous days, and considering them in light of the present.  For instance, the near-crisis I went through a few weeks ago about my problems with Chinese men, my Chinese class, and the Church in China – looking back at how large those worries seemed and how well they’ve been resolved gives me confidence for future such situations.  Despite the stalking episode with Smelly Man, my encounters with Chinese men recently have been more good than bad.  I was not only able to go to church during my weekend trip, but also had the opportunity to share a meal and conversation with the priest afterwards. 

And, I am so happy with my decision to change classes.  Before, Listening class was the bane of my existence, but now it is my favorite class.  The teacher is really good and the pace of the class is such that I can barely keep up.  It’s never hard enough or fast enough that I despair, but I really can’t slack off for a minute or I’ll fall behind.  It’s very motivating, and I always have a sense of accomplishment after answering so many questions and, usually, learning so many new words.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that, yes, I would still be writing this even if you weren’t reading it :)

Today was a glorious day.  It was even warmer than yesterday – we got up to 20°C! – and I even ordered my honey milk tea 冰的 (iced) instead of 温的 (warm) like I have been the last few days.  After a delicious lunch of fried dumplings, I went shopping with some friends at Wal-Mart.  None of them had been before, so I got to witness the joy on their faces when they caught sight of some products that they hadn’t seen in a while – upon seeing barbecue sauce, Carlos looked like a small child on Christmas morning; it was a little bit ridiculous.

We had made plans to make this afternoon game time, but those fell through pretty miserably.  Our meeting time got pushed back to 4:30, then 5:15, then 5:45 . . . by the time we got to Aleid’s apartment it was past 6, and they chose that time to tell us that they had to leave at 7.  Aleid and I still wanted to play, but you need 3 people to play Catan – 怎么办 (What to do)?  I ended up calling a Korean friend of mine, Eunjeong, and she came over to play.  This was even better, actually, because this forced us to use Chinese. 

Teaching someone to play Catan in Chinese was another item on my bucket list – check that one off, baby!  I went through all the rules in Chinese and somehow they understood.  I learned a few new words in the process – brick (砖), robber (强盗), wheat (小麦) – and used a bunch of words that I’d never actually spoken in conversation before.  It was so much fun (as playing Catan usually is) and several times my laughter brought me to tears. 


I won, but would have had a wonderful time either way. 

  1. Excellent – wonderful writing. I love all your blogs, and we read them religiously (kind of like we go to Mass…).

  2. I’m glad your new class is working out so well for you!

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