Maria Holland

Buy One, Get One – Tempting in Any Language

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2009 at 11:25 pm

I barely stayed awake through class today, but the day got better from there.  I had lunch with friends, and realized how much I’m going to miss Chinese food when I go home.  It’s not just cheap, it’s delicious.  西红柿炒蛋 (fried egg and tomato), 地三鲜 (eggplant, tomato, and peppers) – how I love you.

Afterwards, I walked around with a friend getting some errands done.  Then, as was walking home listening to a Chinese song on my iPod, I had one of those moments where I really realize for a second that I live in China.  Sometimes this realization causes surprise, but today it just brought a smile to my face. 

It might have been the weather – almost 20°C – which caused me to shed several layers between West Gate and home. 

It might have been the quickly approaching weekend and the plans that we have. 

Or, you know, it might have been the shot of brandy warming me from within.  See, my milk tea place was having a 买一送一 (buy one, get one) promotion on their new drink, brandy hot chocolate, and my friend and I decided to try it.  We paid attention while they made it and clearly saw them pour about a shot worth of brandy into the cup.  It was really delicious – much better than brandy milk tea, definitely.

This evening I ended up eating with an American friend of mine.  It turned out that he was the infamous tattle-tale, so of course we discussed the cheating controversy.  I’m still quite surprised by this very significant (at least in my mind) difference between Americans and . . . everyone else?  I especially wonder about the line between cheating on tests and plagiarism (if there is one) and the adjustment that foreign students undergo (or don’t) when beginning their studies in America. 

Afterwards, I bought myself a warm milk tea – without hard liquor, this time – and went for a walk around the lake.  It was beautiful and peaceful and totally wonderful.  I had some time alone with my thoughts and then proceeded to Chinese Corner.  I talked with a nice guy, Oliver, and various other foreigners for almost two hours.  Times like that remind me of why I am interested in learning Chinese – just to talk to Chinese people. 

  1. Hi sweetie – I wish I could have been with you on your walk around the lake…hope we can do that in January. And I’d like to try the brandy hot chocolate too! (Maybe I won’t wait till I come over to try it, tho).

    Miss you!

  2. We will definitely be walking around the lake! And, while you might have to pay full-price for the brandy hot chocolate, I’m sure we’ll find time to indulge. Maybe after a stop at next-door KFC for some shrimp!

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