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Butter = Priceless

In Uncategorized on November 10, 2009 at 11:36 pm

I went to Metro today.  It’s a major European supermarket that we are lucky enough to have in Xiamen.  It took me an hour to get there, riding a bus from its second stop to its terminus, but was totally worth it.  I knew this when I walked in and practically melted at the sight of Hanes brand underwear.

But that wasn’t all Metro had to offer me in my Western-deprived state.  I bought a kilo of peanut butter, a few small French baguettes, a few blocks of various Land O Lake cheeses, Old El Paso tortillas and refried beans, and a box of Betty Crocker lemon poppyseed mix.  Just to put things in perspective:

  • 8 oz block of cheese = 30 kuai ($4.40)
  • 6-pack of tortillas = 26 kuai ($3.80)
  • 1-lb can of beans = 18 kuai ($2.60)
  • Betty Crocker mix = 30 kuai ($4.40)
  • 2 sticks of French butter = priceless

Back at home, I had lunch – an entire baguette, spread with my newly-purchased President brand butter.  I had bought some inferior butter at Wal-Mart, but only tried it once before relegating it for cooking only.  This stuff, though, was beyond amazing.  It had been over 2 months since I had tasted butter, and my mouth was unprepared for the explosion of deliciousness that awaited it.  Adjectives are still failing me, but trust me . . . it was mind-bogglingly good.

I had class this afternoon, hopefully my last in 一年下.  I got my Listening midterm back in 听力 class – 82, which was definitely not as good as I was hoping for.  The Evil One’s disappointment in my score, however, brought a small bit of happiness to my life.  The knowledge that I never had to go back brought even more joy!  I bought my new textbooks this afternoon, got the schedule from a friend, so I’m ready for my first day tomorrow!

I forgot to mention an important event in yesterday’s post.  I met with a few Chinese friends to play cards!  I was hoping to learn a Chinese game but I guess we’ll save that for next time.  Instead, I taught them to play Group Solitaire.  The game is played like normal solitaire but with the additional rule of playing on everyone else’s aces; whoever gets rid of their cards first wins.  It’s the Holland family tradition, and we’ve been known to play with groups as large as 15.


It was a little hard at first, because two of them hadn’t ever played normal solitaire before, but they eventually got the hang of it.


Lastly, I have another weather update.  In a word, things are crazy.  There was a major cold front last week, including a low of 13°C (55 F) on November 3rd, which beat the previous record of 15°C in 2000.  But since I got back from Ningde, it’s been bloody hot.  According to the internet, we’ve had three days of record-breaking heat.  31, 29, and 31°C, breaking the records of 30, 28, and 30 from 2003, 1996, and 2004, respectively.  I mean, this isn’t skin-melting hot or anything, but it’s mid-November; give me a break!!


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