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Success and Failure, All in One Day

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 10:40 pm

We got our mid-terms back today in Grammar class.  I was worried for a little while because although the teacher said that some people tested well, she also said there were no 100’s and that I didn’t get the highest score.  (It is, by the way, totally acceptable for the teacher to discuss students’ scores with the class here.  It’s also okay to ask the class who they thought did the best, which is what happened today.)  I shouldn’t have been worried, though, because I still got a 97%. 


I had been waiting for the test result to talk to the teacher about switching classes, so I took the opportunity during one of our breaks to bring up the idea.  She said that I had done well enough that I should look into changing classes, and she thinks that I might be able to handle moving up a whole semester to 二年上.  I think I’ll try it out on Wednesday; if it’s too hard I can always fall back to one of the faster 一年下 classes. 

I will be sad to leave my class, though.  One of my favorite classmates, Nicole from Switzerland, told me last week that she’s pregnant!  I hope I will still see her around, because her baby is due sometime in the spring, and I should still be here.  Also, she was supposed to find out the gender today :)

I was feeling a little bit sore after all the bus riding of the weekend (although the sack-hopping and mountain climbing probably also played a part) so I treated myself to a night of luxury.  An American friend of mine, Elena, introduced me to a new malatang restaurant (where you pick raw food items and they are cooked for you in a spicy soup), which was totally delicious.  Then I got my hair washed and blow-dried (along with a massage of course), and followed it up with an ice cream cone.  Total cost of above-mentioned pampering: 26 kuai (less than $4).

PS: I was pretty proud of the prolonged conversations that I had this weekend in Chinese, but for some reason hair-washing is still beyond my language skills.  This evening, I walked in, pantomimed a shower, and said – in perfect Chinese – “I want to wash my clothes”. 


  1. So they washed your hair instead of pointing you in the direction of the laundromat??

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