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Sick of China, Part II

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2009 at 12:03 am

I spent the afternoon lying in bed, reading and watching Laurence Olivier as Darcy in an old version of Pride & Prejudice.  There were, of course, a lot of naps interspersed in there.

Around 6, I took my temperature again – 99.9, which is over the magic 37-degree threshold.  Leinira decided I should go to the hospital.  After a phone call to my parents (in case I didn’t come back from quarantine), we headed out.  Carlos (who wasn’t feeling well last night after dinner but is fine today), joined us. 

Just be forewarned – this entire hospital visit was very anticlimactic.

We went to the Xiamen University Hospital, where I paid 7 kuai ($1) to see someone in a white coat.  She took my temperature (of course, the fever had gone), and asked some questions.  Our unit in class concerning a visit to the doctor (mainly for reasons relating to bowel troubles) came in handy, but there was some stuff I didn’t understand.  The funniest part of the visit was when I called on Carlos, whose Chinese is much better than mine, to translate something the woman was saying.  It turned out to be a rather specific question about the consistency of my bowel movements.  Slightly awkward!

I picked up my prescriptions – some oral rehydration salts and two medicines whose names make no more sense to me in English than in Chinese.  I paid 36 yuan ($7) for them and we left.

We decided to look for some food that wouldn’t disturb my stomach.  Luckily, we’re in China!  I had white rice and potatoes, and bought some bananas for later.

I’m still not feeling super well.  My stomach is still unhappy, but even more so, I’m bummed that I missed dance class tonight!

  1. I’ll bet the whole time Carlos was translating about bowel movements for you, he was thinking, “If she studied more and danced less, she would know the way to say this…”

    • Haha. Actually, I thought I understood what she was saying – at least that she was asking something about my bowel movements and a choice between water and something else – but I convinced myself that I was wrong.

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