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These Shoes Were Made for DANCING!

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 at 11:55 pm

My classes are too easy.  I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation.  I realized this when I ran into my friend Carlos on my way to dancing.  With the class starting finally, he pointed out that I’m dancing 4 nights a week.  I told him a little about my weekend plans too, and it was pretty obvious that they didn’t include homework . . . Carlos is in 三年 (third year) and actually has to work really hard.   

I don’t know, my classes were hard at first because I wasn’t used to class being conducted in Chinese, but now that I’ve gotten pretty much used to that, it’s just too easy.  I know all the grammar and half of the vocabulary before we study it, so I’m not learning much new material.  Half of me is kicking myself for not switching classes earlier, but the other half . . . The easier my classes are, the less time I have to put into them outside of the scheduled time, which leaves me available for dancing, calligraphy, other studies, exploring, etc.  It also makes it easier to skip class to travel!  I know that sounds trivial, but I have learned a lot of language and culture through those experiences and interactions.  I haven’t decided what to do yet, because I could probably still change classes after the midterm if I want.  Concerning next semester, I’ll probably self-study a few lessons and try to get into a slightly more advanced and faster version of 二年上 (the level above my current one). 

Today in class we were talking about the seasons, and Zhang laoshi said it is autumn now.  I guess it’s gotten slightly cooler (in the 80’s instead of 100+) and the sun is setting earlier, but I have yet to see a colored leaf, so I just can’t believe that. 

I usually get online and read the news during the lunch break time, and today the news seemed particularly discouraging.  Among other things, the Press Freedom Index came out, and obviously contained bad news on China.  America moved up 20 places, but China is #168 out of 175 countries.  At least they beat Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran, Burma, Cuba, and Laos, but none of those are really a huge point of pride.  There was also more bad news on the religious freedom front

This evening, I went out for dinner at the Taiwanese place by West Gate.  The food isn’t as good as the place I went yesterday, but this place seats people more like a cafeteria than a restaurant, so the chances of having a good Chinese interaction are usually higher.

I had a little while before dancing, so I went to the lake on campus to enjoy the beautiful night.  I did Evening Prayer and said a rosary while walking around the lake, and it was really peaceful.  The lake is probably my favorite place on campus, but I have not taken full advantage of its presence, which needs to change.  Sitting on the steps, looking at the lights reflecting off the water, while listening to Resting in the Peace of His Hands = perfect. 

I got to the dancing building really early, which was good because it gave me time to try on my new DANCING SHOES!  Yes, the lady who said she would look into it found me some shoes that fit!  They’re size 41 and they’re just about perfect, which means I have been slightly exaggerating my shoe size.  They’re absolutely wonderful for dancing – much better than the heels I brought from home, which are several inches too high, unevenly worn on the heel, and don’t have a strap around the ankle.  A pair of dancing shoes?  100 yuan.  A pair that fits?  Priceless.

  1. You sound peaceful and happy Maria and that makes me happy!
    I admire all you are fitting into your life…………. My opinion is: go for the experiences rather than the harder classes!
    Love you lots, Aunt Mary

  2. Ah, Cinderella, I am glad you found some dancing shoes! (Of course, I am thinking all kinds of dancing songs I could be singing to you right now…. Dance With Me, Dancing Queen, Dancing in the Dark….. and let’s not forget Leanne Womack’s I Hope You Dance…) Love you!

  3. 我在中国的时候,有太多作业!没有时间跳舞等等 =(

    It sucks if you feel you’re not being challenged, but I think you have the right idea…. it lets you learn a lot more in all the other situations you can be exposed to! I wish I had more time on my trip to go and enjoy a night out… hopefully I’ll be back soon and will be able to make up for it!

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