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Yay! I Won A Tube of Imitation Pringles!

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2009 at 11:56 am

The weird Sunday and Monday we just had really messed with me, and I didn’t really know what day it was.  Then I realized this morning that I had 24 hours before going to Taiwan.  Oops! 

I had class this afternoon, including Horrible Class.  Today was tolerable, though, because I brought stuff to do.  A few days ago, I realized that I know nothing about Cape Verde, where Leinira is from.  Actually, I knew exactly four things:

  1. It is located off the west coast of Africa
  2. They speak Portuguese and Creole
  3. If a woman is carrying something heavy, a man will offer to carry it
  4. If you’re the only passenger in a car and you’re sleeping, policemen will pull you over to wake you up

I thought it would be a little ridiculous if I lived for a year with someone from Cape Verde and only learned this much.  So Leinira leant me a book about Cape Verde and I spent the class period perusing it.  It sounds pretty wonderful, and after class, I asked her when we’re going! 

Tonight was the big Mid-Autumn Festival party for the Overseas Education Office.  It was quite the event.  The auditorium was packed with at least three times its capacity and we were entertained by a variety of talents including, but not limited to: singing, dancing, calligraphy, violin, break-dancing, opera, Chinese-speaking, and Mid-Autumn Festival trivia. 

DSCN4962This part of the show was reasonably interesting, but as the largely-Asian crowd had no reservations about talking in a normal tone of voice throughout it, it was pretty hard to hear.

(Incidentally – I think I wrote about watching a Chinese-speaking contest on TV the one day I was flipping through channels.  One of the MC’s tonight looked familiar, and I finally figured out it was because I had watched her compete.  Apparently XiaDa sent a few students to Beijing to compete, and I just happened to catch them on TV!)

The real fun – Bo Bing – was afterwards. 

DSCN4963I was in a group with mostly my classmates, so we knew how to play.  Unfortunately, they assigned us a Chinese girl to teach us, and she didn’t know how to play.  They won’t admit that, though, so we played wrong until someone came along and corrected her.  I’ll never understand why it’s worse to admit you don’t know than to be corrected publicly after faking it.

The prizes this time included such things as the highly-coveted laundry soap, rewarded for four 4’s.

DSCN4967 I didn’t get one of those, but I came away with a pretty good haul anyway:

  • 3 small packages of Kleenex (awesome, because I was almost out)
  • 3 packages of milk biscuits (hopefully they’re good with Nutella!)
  • 3 cartons of room-temperature milk (yum . . .)
  • 1 tube of imitation Pringles! 

The last prize was for my straight – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

DSCN4969 Two turns later, David, the other American in my class, rolled the same thing and we immediate launched into a loud chorus of “MEI GUO MEI GUO MEI GUO” (America, America, America!).  It was pretty exhilarating.


I think I’m going to have a Mid-Autumn Festival party at TU next year, complete with Bo Bing.  If there were ever a game invented for Dining Dollars, this is it!


Anyway, this my last post from 中国 (China) for a little while.  I leave for Jinmen in 10 hours, and from there will head directly on to Taibei, Taiwan.  I will be keeping a paper journal while I’m traveling and will try to send in quick updates whenever I get online.  In the meantime if you get bored, you can check out this article about China’s preparations for it’s 60th birthday party, or you can always go back and relive your favorite adventures!  There’s a tag cloud at the bottom of the page, so you can even choose to read all the posts about a certain topic – dancing, for instance, or 麻烦 (hassles and inconveniences). 

I will be back on Saturday afternoon, October 10th.  I’m coming home a little bit early a) so that I can have time to write about the trip before classes resume, and b) so that I can make it to dancing that night :)


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