Maria Holland

Little Victories

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2009 at 1:00 am

Today wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was marked by several small victories.

First, I managed to upload some pictures to Picasa Web Albums (VICTORY #1). You can look at them here. Still working on getting them in the journal, but this should tide you over.

Then this morning, I got a phone call that basically went like this: “Health form . . . health form . . . my office . . . 311.” I quickly got dressed and went up to the office building, where I was given the forms from my health examination last week, all official and certified by the doctor (VICTORY #2). I was ready to take back the not-nice things I had said about China, but the line for visa forms was about 2 hours and I still haven’t got my e-card or book reimbursements, so maybe I’ll just take some of them back.

I went to lunch with Carlos and his new tutor. The conversation was almost all in Chinese, although I had to interject a few times when they used words I didn’t know. Service at the CaiQingJie cafe is really slow, so it’s pretty much just like being in Tulsa and eating at the Hut (and using Chinese money is only slightly more expensive than using Dining Dollars).

At 2:30, I had oral class. We lost power about halfway through. It reminded me of good times on the farm, when the soldiers would randomly shut off our electricity. I didn’t have my listening class today because my teacher was in Beijing, but I wonder if it would have been cancelled anyway because the machines wouldn’t have worked?

After class, Karolina and I went shopping for dancing shoes. Even though I didn’t have a map, I bravely decided to try and find a place that I had seen on one of my previous adventures. By duplicating my bus route, we managed to find the shop – 跳舞世界, or Dance World (VICTORY #3). Unfortunately, my feet are officially ludicrously big. Karolina bought some dainty heels for like $13, but when I asked about my size, 43, the shop worker pointed to some ugly tennis shoes. And laughed, obviously. I hate my life.

We ate dinner and then stopped at the English Corner, which is held every Tuesday and Friday night in a little park on campus. It thought it was an interesting experience, being literally surrounded by Chinese people who wanted to talk to me. I made some friends and made tentative plans to teach/learn card and board games!

When I got back to the dorm, I stopped in Carlos’ room for a few minutes to help his roommate, and successfully got him connected to the internet – VICTORY #4!

I hope you all appreciated this post because it is now 1 a.m. and I need to do some homework . . .

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