Maria Holland

I Am Confident and Unafraid

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2009 at 9:11 pm

Most of the shock wore off last night, I think.  Today it is easy for me to imagine myself in this place called “Xiamen, China”.  I came home and immediately began my Xiamen research.  A quick Google of “xiamen blog” yielded some interesting results, as did “xiamen expat”.  Just hearing about it from actual people made me feel better.  Here’s a list of things I discovered and am excited about:

  • January averages around 11C (52F)
  • July and August can get up to around 88F (31C).
  • nearby Gulangyu is known as Piano Island
  • Da Xia is ranked 13 in the nation
  • There are two Catholic churches, with a Sunday Mass in English
  • Tesco!

My main concerns remain the likely dominance of seafood and the alleged unintelligibility of the dialect.

Most of the responses to the mass email I sent out yesterday expressed surprise that this idyllic tropical island wasn’t my first choice.  I was so excited about Chengdu, for reasons that most of my family for instance doesn’t understand.  But, since last night I have become confident about this as part of God’s plan for me.  I trust that He will not ask me to go through anything that I can’t handle, and I further believe that His plans for me will benefit me in some way.

After all, Tulsa wasn’t my first choice either . . .

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